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Glass Architecture


Balustrades can give a lovely, light, and sleek look to internal areas of your home or business, while also offering a secluded area of a minimalistic style externally. This can be a clear or frosted glass design to suit your specifications with a choice of framing or no framing, stainless steel fixtures, and fittings if desired. Clamps are also available on request.

Glass Roof Lanterns, Glass Floors and Doors

Glass roof lanterns, floors, and doors can create unique areas of light and transparency to your home or business all of which can be provided in UPVC, aluminium, timber, or open design clamped. All our specialist architecture glass items are available by request only.

Shower Screens and Doors

Glass shower screens/doors are a luxurious, modern, and highly effective alternative to the more traditional shower curtain or bathroom surround. Glass shower screens can consist of an enclosure made of tempered glass placed around the shower, inviting brightness, cleanliness, and space into your bathroom.

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