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Glass Type

Toughened Glass (Single, Double, or Triple Glazing)

Toughened glass is 5 times stronger than annealed glass. If it were to be attached and smashed, it would shatter into small, tiny pieces with dulled edges to ensure that the risk of getting an injury is reduced. Toughened glass is cut to size before the heat treatment process.

Laminated (Single-Laminated for Shop Fronts, Homes, or Businesses)

Consisting of 2 layers of ordinary glass sandwiched together by a PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral layer), the shards of glass will remain adhered to the interlayer if the glass is broken, therefore reducing the risk of injury.

Acoustic Glass

This acts as a dampening core to prevent sound frequencies vibrating from 1 pane of glass to another. The plastic interlayer has additional safety and security qualities also found in laminate glass.

Low-Iron Glass

Low-iron glass is ultra-clear and provides higher transparency compared to clear float glass, by removing the iron oxide content used to produce glass. This minimises the green tint, leaving a clearer finish.

Patterned Glass

The Pilkington Pattern and Texture selections along with the Barron Glass traditional ranges can supply a beautiful level of obscurity to suit your style and privacy level.

Stained or Coloured Glass

By offering our hand-painted designs, you can now enjoy the joy of colour to suit. We offer the art of traditional stained glass repairs and replacements for all homes and businesses, as well as churches. Our complementary lead work gives a remarkable finish. Or, you can just enjoy a colourful glass top table colour matched to suit, while giving us your designs that we will recreate.

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